Thursday, February 9, 2017

Building Trust With New Leadership

On behalf of the Partnership for Public Service and the Federal Communicators Network, thank you for attending yesterday's event on building trust with new leadership. We'd appreciate it if you took a few moments to complete this survey. Your feedback helps us continue to improve this event series.

Please see below for resources from the event, including a recording of the session, handouts from the event and attendee contact information:
Questions? Contact Katie Koziara at or (202) 464-3094.
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Friday, February 3, 2017

10 Tips For Federal Employees On The Personal Use Of Social Media

This “cheat sheet” is meant to help clarify some issues that federal employees may not be aware of, or that may be confusing. It is not meant to replace a thorough review of law, policy, and official guidance or to restrict or alter your rights and responsibilities in any way. When in doubt, please do not use this as a substitute for obtaining reliable direction from an official source. This document, like all FCN documents, is unofficial in nature.

Locate this document under the Presentations tab.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Recording, Slide Deck posted for "What Do You Mean? Communicate Using Plain Language"

A big thank you to the Partnership for Public Service for helping organize "What Do You Mean? Communicate Using Plain Language" on 10/6/16.

Resources from the event have been posted and can be found at the following links:

Save the date for the Partnership for Public Service's next event on February 7, 2017. Questions? Contact Katie Koziara at or (202) 464-3094.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Slides Posted for "Best Practices in Digital Communications from Canadian, UK, and US Governments"

Many thanks to the participants on the webinar "Best Practices in Digital Communications from Canadian, UK, and US Governments" - Laura Wesley, Cormac Smith, Fran Cavanagh, Adam Thorndike, and David Kaufman.

In addition, thank you to all the sponsors for this webinar. Thank you to the Communications Community Office in Canada, Government Communication Service within the United Kingdom, and the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States.


Government of Canada
Government of the United Kingdom
Government of the United States
**Note: The slides can also be found on Google Drive **


A recording for the webinar can be found here

Description of the Webinar

A previous post describing the webinar

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Slides posted for webinar "Picture This: Telling Your Agency's Story Through Visual Content"

Note: for more information on this webinar, here is another post on our blog

Many thanks to the Partnership for Public Service, the participating presenters, and the many attendees of this exciting presentation.

Questions? Please contact Katie Koziara at

Webinar: 9/14/16 -- Best Practices in Digital Communications from Canadian, UK, and US Governments

September 14, 2016; 11am-12pm EST

Are governments leading, following or just trying to catch up in informing and engaging with citizens in a digital world? Find out how the governments of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States are working to meet the digital communications challenge.

The first event in the 2016 International Webinar Series will look at analytics, stakeholder identification and engagement as well as provide examples of specific digital initiatives and/or campaigns. 

The webinar will explore how governments are:
  • Applying a digital by default approach to citizen communications;
  • Targeting and mapping their audiences;
  • Moving well beyond simply adapting traditional products to digital formats; and,
  • Embracing innovative approaches to digital marketing and communications that go beyond promoting just a brand.

About the Presenters

Government of Canada

Laura Wesley, Executive Director, Consultations and Public Engagement, Office of the Privy Council

As a Senior Policy Analyst in the Office of the Privy Council in the Government of Canada, Laura Wesley was a member of the Digital Communications Project team created in 2015 to support the Government of Canada's communication function in making the transition to a digital by default approach. Previously, she worked in various change initiatives at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. She has since become the Executive Director, Consultations and Public Engagement which entails tracking, coordinating and communicating the governments’ efforts to involve citizens and stakeholders in government activities and decisions.

With over a dozen years’ experience working in government, Laura has a strong interest in human motivation and contributing to the building of a results-based and people-focused work culture. Her experience in systems change and human-centered design make her a sought after speaker and author. You can tweet questions or comments to her @resultsjunkie.

Government of the United Kingdom

Fran Cavanagh, Insight Manager, Home Office
Fran is an Insight Manager at the Home Office (UK Government). She designs online discussion monitoring and web analytics strategies and best practice within the Home Office's Strategic Communications Unit, and also consults on projects for policy and operational teams across a wide range of issues including Immigration, Violence Against Women and Girls, and Crime. Before working in government she was a private sector Consultant on online strategy and measurement for several large international clients.
Fran's work focuses on the ways in which people use online media to communicate and engage with content. She has wide experience of analysis tools and techniques and a strong interest in how they can be used to illuminate trends in public opinion, community interactions and technology usage.

Adam Thorndike, Senior Campaigns and Digital Manager, Cabinet Office

Adam Thorndike is Senior Campaigns and Digital Manager, Cabinet Office. He is a trained journalist who has worked in digital communications across both the public and private sector for the last eight years. He was the Global Social media Manager for Regus before moving into a government role to coordinate social media for the Department for Work and Pensions. He is now heading up digital activity for the UK Civil Service from the Cabinet Office in London.

Government of the United States

David Kaufman, U.S. Digital Service

David Kaufman joined the United States Digital Service at the White House in February of 2016, to work on communications, brand, and public engagement. Prior to joining the U.S. Digital Service, David led marketing at Halo Neuroscience, an Andreessen Horowitz backed startup developing neurotechnology for elite athletes. Previously, he spent nearly five years at Google, most recently managing brand marketing and creative development in Google [x].

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Advancing Federal Communications" research paper released - call for volunteers

On Tuesday 9/13/16 at 8:30am EST, the FCN Professional Standards Working Group will present findings on the research paper "Advancing Federal Government Communications". You are invited to attend this discussion!


Today, August 2, 2016, the Federal Communicators Network (FCN) officially released "Advancing Federal Communications," a research paper that makes the case for clear and consistent quality standards for U.S. federal government communication.

The result of a grassroots, volunteer study among an interagency group of government communicators, the paper incorporates extensive primary and secondary research and includes a set of concrete recommendations for improvement.

In keeping with the FCN's guiding spirit of independent self-help at no cost to the public, the group has formed a Professional Standards Working Group to initiate standards development, governance, and outreach related to the goal of developing the "common core" of expectations that federal communicators need.

Due to the complex nature of this undertaking and the distribution of minimal time commitments among volunteers, FCN anticipates this process unfolding over a period of years. To move it forward, a small standards development project in the area of personal use of social media is now underway.

FCN welcomes all volunteers eligible to participate. If you are a federal employee or contractor with a dot-gov or dot-mil email address and wish to participate, contact There is never any fee to participate.

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