Monday, July 23, 2012

Spreading The Good News

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The thing I like most about being involved in FCN is the many opportunities for gaining insight into how other agencies operate, and using that information to improve the programs within my own.

This past spring I participated in judging two categories for the National Association of Government Communicators’ Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards.

My original intentions were selfish – I wanted to see what other agencies were up to so I could incorporate their good ideas into my own program. And I wasn’t disappointed on that score, but I gained much more from the experience than I ever imagined. 

Reading through the materials I was judging served as a good reminder of all the great work government is doing.

In today’s age of political cynicism it’s easy to overlook all of the positive ways we, as federal employees, impact the lives of average citizens on a daily basis. And, because cynicism is so much a way of life these days, our jobs as communicators are more important than ever.

If we don’t get the word out about all of the good work our agencies do, who will? It’s not an easy job by any means, and I know I sometimes feel like Sisyphus, but I also know that giving voice to my agency’s good works is worth the effort.

You may never feel the need to judge a contest or present a class on a topic within your area of expertise, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from participating in FCN events.

By sharing our knowledge, experience and contacts – FCN’s entire reason for existence – we can continue to carry on the important work of getting our stories told, informing the public and building support for our agencies. I encourage you to participate in whatever way you can, and invite your colleagues in supporting the Federal Communicator’s Network.

Together we can make a difference – and you’ll probably pick up a couple of great ideas along the way.

Regards to all,

Kathleen Taylor
Editor, The Federal Communicators Network

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