Monday, September 17, 2012

FCN Update: The Only Constant Is Change

They say the only thing constant is change, though change in the government is usually at a glacial pace.  FCN has been experiencing change of late, and being communications professionals, we want to keep you informed.

  • First, our board is taking a hard look at where we are, and where we would like to go as an organization.  
  • We have embraced social media through our presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and our blog.  
  • Now we are taking some time to assess our successful and not so successful approaches on new media.

We are also taking a look at our past webinars and how they were received by the communications community, so we can continue to provide interesting and relevant material to network members.

Our September program was pushed back until our evaluation is completed, and it will be rescheduled for October or November.  More information on that program will follow.

Finally, the newsletter will be undergoing some change as well.  I will be leaving the Washington, DC area and relocating to Boise, ID.  The slower pace and a change in perspective will be a welcomed change.

I have been thinking of ways to expand the newsletter’s appeal, and perhaps a move to a less metropolitan area will ignite my creativity. Look for the next issue in October.

Our goal is to create an organization where federal communicators can come together to network, share ideas, receive training and address issues of concern.  As always we welcome your input and participation. Together we can achieve that goal.

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-  Kathleen Taylor, Editor
Federal Communicators Network

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