Saturday, November 24, 2012

What We're Talking About Lately, Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

Here's what we're talking about this week, among other things:

  • "I’d like to let go of the details, but my boss is always asking for them. How do I handle it?” Original article here.
  • Third-party validation is so important to your career, as Lily Whiteman points out in Federal Times. It's basic PR. What are some ways to go about obtaining this? What credentials impress you? Original article here.
  • Does it seem to anyone else like more feds are joining LinkedIn?
  • What is the origin of giving people "59 minutes" of Administrative Leave before a holiday rather than simply an hour? Secondly, around what time do you get the announcement, and who sends it? Third - do you expect this, or is it always a "surprise"?
  • Would you trade your desk to telework at will? See blog post here.

If you're a current or federal employee or contractor, you're welcome to join the conversation at LinkedIn. (The FCN group at GovLoop is open to all.)  

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