Sunday, December 16, 2012

FCN Election Results: Please Welcome The 2013 Board of Directors

Posted by: Dannielle Blumenthal, Dec. 16, 2012


Please join me in welcoming the new Board of the Federal Communicators Network for 2013.

  • Chair: (N/A)
  • Co-Chair: Britt Ehrhardt, NIH (functional Chair for now)
  • Task Force Members:
    • Linda Austin, NOAA
    • Rachel Flagg, GSA
    • David Hebert, USGS
    • Yvette Grimes, IRS
    • Larry Orluskie, DHS
    • Sharon Randle, FSIS/USDA
    • Moniqua L. Roberts, NIH
The 2012 Board and I are helping the new team to make the transition. To that end, a Guide to FCN Activities is now posted to Slideshare.

Some people applied a little late, or were not FCN members at the time they self-nominated; I'm encouraging the new Board to reach out to them. If you would like to help in any way, please let me know until Dec. 31, and I will forward your name along. 

In the movie Red Dawn one of the characters says: "Marines don't die. They just regroup."

That's a pretty accurate statement about the FCN Board. Old members never really go away - we just hang back until we're needed again.

Please join me in thanking Ellen Crown, Jeri Richardson, Kathleen Taylor, John Verrico, and Rachel White, as well as Bill Brantley, Jay Krasnow, Todd Solomon, David Starck, Maggie McGuire, and Melanie Solomon. In addition I would like to thank Camilla Stroud, and former FCN lead Jeff Brooke for keeping the group alive for many years, virtually on his own. You will never know how hard each of these people worked to make FCN real, but I do and they deserve tremendous kudos.

A special thanks to the National Association of Government Communicators for sponsoring several of our webinars and looking actively to partner with and support our efforts. 

One of my role models is the legendary Pat Wood, who was the heart and soul of FCN from the start. This blog post is dedicated to her. 

All the best,

Dannielle Blumenthal

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Guide to FCN Activities Now Available On Slideshare

This guide is intended to help FCN's 2013 Board make the transition successfully, by introducing them to our activities in 2012. It may also be useful to people seeking to form an online educational or networking group.

FCN Board 2013: Announcement Coming

Sunday, December 2, 2012

FCN Members: The 2013 Board of Directors Nomination Form Has Been Emailed To You

Posted by Dannielle Blumenthal, December 2, 2012

The 2013 Board of Directors nomination form has gone out to all members. 

It is coming from an email list service (MailChimp). 

You may wish to check your spam filter in case it got stuck. 

Any problems, let me know