Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5 Tips to Revamp Your Electronic Publications

Posted by: Yvette Grimes, Jan. 29, 2013

Use these tips to improve your electronic publications. These days, federal communicators often write materials that will be distributed electronically - on a website, by email, or some other type of digital distribution.

1.  Analyze your audience.

Tailor publications to your audience. Are your publications up to date and relevant for your audience? Information can change quickly, so make sure your publications are current and pertinent to the questions and concerns of your target audience. Your reader will connect to the key messages if those messages are the relevant ones.

2.  Strengthen content strategy and make better use of your budget.

Combine publications that overlap and duplicate information. It makes sense to combine publications that are about the same topics.

3. Keep the layout simple, with plenty of space.

Readers appreciate white space, especially when reading an online or digital document. It makes huge difference when readers can read about a topic in a format that’s easy on the eyes.

4.  Use Plain Language.

You have heard more and more about this, so there is definitely something to it. Clear communication is the key to a satisfied audience. Readers stay engaged in your publication when they understand it. Visit www.plainlanguage.gov for tips, tools, and best practices.

5.  Double-check the contact information.

There is nothing worse than incorrect contact information. A question or comment may arise, so make sure the email, phone number, and other contact details are accurate. Your reader may have some significant information or feedback.

What other tricks do you use to make your electronic publications the best they can be? Share them in below.

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