Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do You HowTo?

Posted by: Rachel Flagg, Feb 6., 2013

Have you heard about It’s a federal government resource to help agencies improve digital services and deliver a better customer experience to citizens. It consolidates government-wide requirements, training, best practices and shared solutions in a “how to” format.

Many FCN members use digital services to improve government programs, and many are already using The website is managed by GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, and supported by the Federal Web Managers Council and other communities of practice. Content is developed collaboratively by GSA, subject matter experts, and practitioners from across government.

What’s Available on

Examples include:
  • Best practices and guidance to help agencies manage all their digital services, including web, mobile, and social media
  • Step-by-step instructions to create and manage specific tools such as blogs or user testing programs
  • Guidance on opening and sharing government information and data
  • Support for government-wide communities of practice in all areas of digital services
  • Instruction on using 3rd-party social tools in compliance with government laws and regulations
  • Information on Shared Solutions such as FedRAMP/Cloud Computing
  • Guidance on how to write in plain language, and ensure your agency is in compliance with the Plain Language Act of 2010
  • Examples of how agencies have used Challenges and Contests to engage the public to develop innovative solutions to government problems
  • Models and principles of good customer service in government, and tips for collecting useful customer feedback

People deserve government information and services that are helpful, quick, cost-effective, and accurate, and delivered via their channel of choice. People should also have an opportunity to easily provide feedback and contribute solutions to improve government operations and programs. has resources and tools to help federal employees and agencies meet these needs.

The HowTo team wants to connect with FCN members. They're seeking feedback, including feedback on their website. 

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