Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FCN Leadership Team Plans Fall Line Up

Posted by: Debra Harris, FCN Leadership Team and Public Affairs Specialist at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service

Cori Bassett (ICE), Dave Hebert (USGS) , Debra Harris (DFAS) and Britt Ehrhardt (NIH) meet for lunch, provided by each individual, at a restaurant on Pennsylvania Ave in D.C. to plan upcoming FCN events. 
Four of the eight FCN leaders discuss training events scheduled for September, October and November. As always, the events don't cost a dime, just your time. From attendees of past events, we hear it's "time well spent." Open your calendars and save these dates!

Sep 30 webinar on accessibility with the Federal CIO Council Accessibility Community of Practice and the U.S. Access Board to teach tactics and techniques to keep your projects on the right side of section 508 rules. 

Storytelling Plain and Simple comes to the Mark Center in Alexandria, VA Oct. 30. Presenters Katherine Spivey and Kathryn Sosbe share best practices on writing and editing. Save the date to attend in person that afternoon.

We're putting together something with the Partnership for Public Service on Nov 19 that we'll livestream.

Watch our "Events" page for details and registration information. You'll find resources from past training here too.